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Let us work out a schedule that works best for you. Proper mowing and lawn care plays a significant role in the look and health of your lawn e.g. The 1/3 Rule.

Grass mulching can also reduce the need for added fertiliser and hand watering.

Tree & Shrub

Proper pruning can enhance the beauty of trees and shrubs.


Pruning allows the plant to put more energy into flowers, fruits or limbs that are healthy and helps us maintain the balance in the available garden space and improve the garden micro-climate.


Offers you the installation of plants, trees, turf, soils and mulches to help beautify your garden without the need for construction. It enables us to highlight annuals and make the most of potted plants to soften hard lines and lift the overall colour and mood of your private paradise.



Dapto Home Garden Service is owned and operated by Paul McLeod, an Illawarra local who is passionate and knowledgable about all things gardening and landscaping.

With over 1150 jobs completed, Dapto Home Garden Service has worked in a productive niche in the real estate, workers compensation, insurance, and disability industries. 

We also work with older clients who find it easier to outsource lawn maintenance and gardening work. A growing trend is time poor urban professionals looking to keep their gardens neat and tidy.

Dapto Home Garden Service covers the geographic area of the western side of Lake Illawarra on the South Coast of NSW.



For an obligation-free quote, please fill in the form below. Alternatively, you can contact Paul on 0425 265 885 to discuss your needs. Paul will be in touch within 1 business day to discuss your requirements.



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